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Executive Committee Conference Development Committee AIA Partnership
Governance Committee Membership Committee Joint Technology Committee (COSCA/NACM/NCSC)
Nominations Committee Communications Committee  FACT (disbanded)
  Finance Committee Global Justice Information Network
  Past Presidents Subcommittee  
  Board Development (inactive)  

Committee Directory Listing

Permanent Committees
Executive Committee
Committee Role
The Executive Committee is comprised of the Officers of the organization who act on behalf of the Board between meetings.
Stephanie Hess (Chair)
Nominations Committee
Committee Role
This permanent committee solicits declarations of candidacy from NACM members interested in serving as a Board Member or Board Officer. The committee interviews the candidates and recommends a slate of nominees for action by the NACM membership. This committee is chaired by the past president.  The president appoints members based on recommendations of the past president.
Michele Oken (Chair)


Governance Committee
Committee Role 
This permanent committee maintains and updates the Strategic Plan, the National Agenda, and the Core. This committee is also charged with the responsibility for reviewing and making recommendations for revisions to the NACM Operations Manual and the Bylaws.

Paul DeLosh (Chair)

TJ BeMent (Vice Chair)

Conference Development Committee
Committee Role
This standing committee is responsible for planning all aspects of the NACM Midyear and Annual Conferences. Committee members can participate in the overall conference planning and assist with conference logistics: education planning, including conference concept, program development and topic identification; social events (Fun Run/Walk, Golf Tournament, Fundraising and Early Career Professional Events); and Exhibit Show (sponsor solicitation and onsite coordination). Committee members can assist in the onsite coordination and identification of programs for the Court2Court exhibit at the Annual Conference. Please join us.

Scott Griffith (Chair)

Vicky Carlson (Vice Chair)
Membership Services Committee
Committee Role
This committee actively pursues new and non-renewing members and responds to all inquiries concerning membership. Membership is responsible for awards, state associations, Early Career Professionals, and welcoming new members at the conference, to name a few. Committee members have an opportunity to make an impact on membership by looking for ways to make membership more appealing and by offering our current membership opportunities. You will enjoy the camaraderie and networking opportunities on this committee. Join the Membership Committee today!

Renee Kimball (Chair)

Dexter Thomas  (Vice Chair)


See International Subcommittee
Communications Committee

The Communications Committee (CC) is responsible for promoting and maintaining effective communication with NACM members and partners. The CC promotes NACM's activities through its website content and publications. The Committee is chaired by a NACM Board member and assisted by a Website vice-chair, Publications vice-chair, and a Social Media vice-chair. The CC is the result of merging the Website and Publications committees for the purpose of providing NACM members and partner organizations with timely and accurate information regarding NACM’s communication efforts.

Shakeba Johnson (Chair)

Howard Gentry (Vice Chair)

Kathy Griffin (Vice Chair)


Website/Social Media Subcommittee
Committee Role
This subcommittee is responsible for developing, maintaining, and enhancing the capabilities of the NACM website.
Ethics Subcommittee
Committee Role
This standing committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the Model Code of Conduct as well as the ethics section of the NACM website, contribute to the NACM publications, and develop and maintain an ethics opinion database for questions and advisory responses based on the Code of Conduct.

Peter Kiefer


Past Presidents Committee
Committee Role
This standing committee serves as an advisor to the Board and President of the organization. They meet on an as needed basis to study referrals from the Board President and Board of Directors.
Michele Oken (Chair)
Finance Committee
Committee Role
The standing committee is responsible for evaluating and providing recommendations to the Board on contracts, seeking and overseeing grants and other funding, developing the NACM budget, and recommending actions in relation to the NACM Financial Plan.

Vicky Carlson (Chair)

Yolanda Lewis (Vice Chair)



International Subcommittee
Committee Role
The International Committee is dedicated to assist and to learn from foreign countries in creating or sustaining an efficient, impartial, knowledgeable, accessible and transparent system of justice. Its efforts support systematic, sustainable mechanisms that ensure access to justice, promote judicial independence, and foster accountability throughout the judicial sector.

Michele Oken (Chair)

Board Development
Committee Role
Currently inactive


Special Committees




AIA Partnership


Shakeba Johnson

Joint Technology Committee

Kevin Bowling (Chair)
Paul DeLosh
Jeffrey Tsunekawa
Kelly Steele

FACT (Forum on the Advancement of Court Technology)*

*disbanded February 2015


Global Justice Info Network

Kevin Bowling
David Slayton (backup)