NACM Initiatives



In 2012, the National Association for Court Management (NACM) embarked on a long-term project to update its Core Competencies. After many months of work, NACM introduced The Core.

Court management is increasingly professionalized and diverse. With court managers taking more responsibilities, facing new demands, and coping with changes in their environment, the National Association for Court Management (NACM) recognized a need to revise their original competencies.

NACM’s intent for these new competencies—this Core—goes beyond providing competencies for professionals working in court administration but to also promote excellence in the administration of justice.

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NOW AVAILABLE:  The Core in Practice: A Guide to Strengthen Court Professionals through Application, Use, and Implementation



The NACM National Agenda is designed to drive NACM program priorities and improvements in the court management profession over the next five years. As the principal spokes group for the court management profession, NACM has a duty to help chart a course for judicial systems, trial courts and their leadership judges and court managers.


The National Association for Court Management (NACM) exists to advance the effective and efficient administration of justice.  NACM provides a robust forum fostering innovative practices and professional development that inspires excellence in its membership, enhances public trust and confidence in our courts, and embraces the fundamental duties and responsibilities inherent in an accountable and independent judicial branch of government. To fulfill its Mission, NACM has developed a strategic plan identifying goals, strategies and action items to fulfill its Mission and meet the Vision set for the Organization.