President's Message


Pamela Q. Harris

Welcome to the NACM website!  The NACM Board welcomes you and we sincerely hope that you find the information pertinent to your visit here today. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who are dedicated to advancing excellence in the administration of justice.

Theodore Roosevelt once said “Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” I know you will agree that administering justice in an honest, fair, and efficient manner is an extraordinary honor that is certainly worthwhile. 

Committed judges, administrators, and clerks across our nation continue to give their time, their energy, and their expertise to managing courts efficiently because they have the same vision for the judiciary. They want the same thing.  They want for their communities, for their loved ones, and for our nation the very best legal system that a country can offer its citizens.  In that regard, they are committed to advancing excellence in the administration of justice and NACM is committed to fostering that excellence. 

I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to lead this extraordinary organization.   Our various boards over 27 years have been distinguished, hard-working and exemplary, and I have no doubt that the 2012-2013 board will be anything different.

Our goals for the next year are many, but I believe achievable. 

  • To continue the Core Competency Revision Project - one of the most important projects embraced by NACM in recent history
  • To continue the commitment to the National Agenda priorities to drive our educational programming
  • To implement the newly adopted Strategic Plan and incorporate the goals, strategies and action items into the working environment of the organization
  • To establish a foundation arm of the organization to focus on stewardship and fund raising
  • To continue to develop marketing strategies focused upon attracting more members, more partnerships and providing alternative means of delivering educational programs
  • To provide Institute for Court Management (ICM) certification courses at future Midyear Conferences
  • To improve collaboration with international associations dedicated to the administration of justice and to create an international subcommittee dedicated to developing and promoting partner based programs that strengthen the rule of law and support sister-state/sister-court relationships with the international community
  • To promote the Model Time Standards for State Trial Courts endorsed by this organization, the Conference of State Court Administrators, Conference of Chief Justices and the American Bar Association House of Delegates
  • To promote the National Center's High Performance Court Framework as a means to integrate performance improvement in trial courts
  • To improve collaboration with Conference of State Court Administrators and explore COSCA presentations of white papers at future Midyear conferences
  • To move forward with our past experience in developing the renowned Core Competencies and integrate that successful process to begin a multiyear initiative of developing Core Competencies for Courts

Finally, I hope that if you are not a member of NACM that you join this dedicated organization.  If you are currently a member, please join a committee.  Committee work is intellectually rewarding with exceptionally committed individuals who are dedicated to the values and goals of this organization and to the quality administration of courts.  You will not be disappointed with learning, giving back, and the growth that you will experience at the national level. Please join us and again, thank you for the opportunity to serve you.     


Pamela Q. Harris